Why I'm Choosing Inconvenience

What I need you to know is that your dream will be inconvenient.

If you want to create a career path for yourself that you will truly LOVE 
One that will pop you out of bed with a sense of purpose and anticipation 
One that will afford you freedom and fulfillment in your life 
One that will leave you humbled by the impact you're able to create for others

It will be inconvenient.

Why I'm Choosing Inconvenience.png

It will require that you do things you never thought you were capable of 
That you become more vulnerable to criticism 
That you risk failing at something that is precious to you 
That you invest in yourself like never before 
That, sometimes, you eat food out of boxes and let the laundry pile up and wear the same shirt for 4 days so you can get through a crunch 

But it's worth it. 

From another night of take-out to the growing pains of becoming a more fully-expressed version of yourself, all of the inconvenience is worth it. 

Because what all of that inconvenience buys you is 
Quiet confidence. 

Either you will step up and take on the inconveniences, or

You will have a life and career that is convenient...for everyone else.

Which will you choose?

Laura Simms