But no amount of journaling, personality tests, experimenting, volunteering, taking classes, making lists of things you’re good at or would do if the money didn’t matter has gotten you any closer to the answer. 

In fact, you feel more confused than ever. The swirl of advice you’ve gotten from blogs, podcasts, and well-meaning family members has drowned out your own voice and desires.

If you only knew what you wanted to do, you wouldn’t let any obstacle get in your way.

But another month -- or worse, year -- has passed with no answers in sight. You’re ready for support. 

You need someone who can see who you are, nurture what you're capable of, and give it to you straight.

Breathe easy, because that’s exactly what I do.

You’ve tried — desperately — to find direction in your career. 

I know your story. 

I’m the daughter of an artist and an attorney, with dual citizenship to the realms of creativity and going by-the-book.

My first career was as an actor, where I worked on shows like Criminal Minds, Castle, and Leverage. 

I’ve taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

I'm a Certified Equity-Centered Coach.

I’ve been sought out for comment by US News & World Report, Livestrong, and Idealist, and have appeared as a speaker for podcasts, conferences, and universities.

I have an MFA in acting and a BA in history, living proof that you don’t have to stay in one lane. 

I have something no degree could give me: 12 years of working with clients ranging from Fortune 500 execs to entrepreneurs to admin assistants. 

I’m a wife and mama with all the blessings and challenges of both. 

I’m a breadwinner who built this multiple six-figure company from scratch. 

My path has not always been easy, but it has always been worth it.

I’m someone who’s been there. I know how hopeless it can seem when you don’t see a path forward, and how life-changing it can be to find your place and do meaningful work.

my background

After spending a glorious day working on set of a primetime television show, I had an outrageous thought: “I’m not sure I want to do this anymore.” 

I had chased my dream career of being an actor for a decade and was making real headway. But at the literal end of the day, I longed to do work that felt like it mattered more. The only problem was that I didn't know what that was.

There was no holistic guidance that integrated what I wanted from life with real-world considerations like income and starting over mid-career. I needed something that could do more than help me pick a survival job. I wanted a career that felt like home. 

After years of struggling and becoming a default expert in what didn’t work, I finally hit upon a counterintuitive approach that led me to find a career I love. Now, my meaningful work is helping you discover yours. 

My story

From career crisis to career mentor.

You have the chance to do something remarkable.

If you’re done with dabbling and are ready to figure this out once and for all, I invite you to watch the free training I’ve prepared for you.

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