Discover the meaningful work that's right for you. 


You want a career that...

  • allows you to contribute

  • uses your strengths

  • meets your income needs

  • Fits with the Life You Want


...but you have no idea what that would be.


Welcome to Your Career Homecoming, Laura Simms's career mentorship program. Here you'll find a career that feels like home. 




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"Your Career Homecoming helped me find my way to a home that I always had within me."




I went from being in a career that I was miserable in to a position and work environment that are actually aligned with my core values, and are perfect for my schedule and lifestyle. Plus, I still have the time and energy to work on my personal business goals because I am excited about and inspired by what I’m doing.


I've gotten very clear about what I want and have organized my life around getting it. I’m also happy in a way I haven’t been for a long time. I feel like what I want is materializing in front of my eyes. Not to be trite, but it feels a bit miraculous.


Before YCH was over I had scored a new job where they’re excited about what I have to offer and treat me as an asset. And now I have the tools to reinvent if this one doesn’t fit at some point. I see possibilities ahead, and there are no limits now.