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Homecoming Stories

These are all real people who live in the real world. They’ve had their challenges like debt, family members who doubted them, families to support, mortgages or rent to pay, and busy lives.

Despite the obstacles, they believed in a better future for themselves and got the support they needed to create a vision for their careers and lives, and then transition into it. I’m proud of them and inspired by them, daily.

I love my clients because they are living examples of what’s possible. 

Let me introduce you to some of the greatest people I know. 

“YCH made me confident that I wasn’t making an impulsive decision.”

"I know what I want.
It’s REAL now."

"Working with Laura
changed my life."

“I feel really great about my path going forward and I know I couldn’t have done it without this program.”

“I know WHY I want what I want, and am confident of the direction in which I’m headed.”

“My self-pride and
confidence is up.”

“Unclear, ‘what do I do with my life?’ frustrated days are gone.”

“I left my government
day job.”

There’s nothing I’d change about Your Career Homecoming.
This program is a lifeboat!”

"You made me believe in myself again."

“I finally figured it out.”

“I’m seriously trying out my business idea."

“Work that makes me feel more creative and alive.”

“Going for the things that are a true representation of myself.”

“I quit the office job.”

“I know what I wish to do, why I wish to do it, and how I will do it.”

“Work that lights me up.”

“I know what my Homecoming Career is and I've started the steps to get me there.”

“I know what type of career works for me.”

“The indecision panic has subsided.”

“I can confidently say what business I’m going to start.”

“I know how I want to contribute.”

“Gaining the confidence to use what I learned about myself to forge a new direction was the best part.”

“I'm the architect of my career, and I'm grounded in my own agency.”

“I can definitely name what I’m looking for and what would TRULY make my heart sing.”

“I now have three things I never in my wildest dreams could’ve imagined: clarity, confidence, and direction.”

“Doing this program helped me come up with concrete, realistic career ideas that fit me.”

“I just started a new job and feel poised for satisfaction.”

“I have a practical plan in place.”

“From participating in this program, I now know I actually have value and service to offer the world.”

“I know what I really want to do and have a plan for how to get there.”

“Before YCH was over I had scored a new job where they’re excited about what I have to offer and treat me as an asset.”

“I am excited about and inspired by what I'm doing.”

“I know who I am, what I need and want from a position, and am not willing to settle for anything else.”

“Defined the ethereal thing in my head.”

“I figured out what I really wanted from work and walked away with options on how I could serve the world in strength.”

“I feel more energized and more confident about finding work.”

“When people ask me what I’m going to do, I no longer have an internal mini-crisis.”

“I know what type of work makes me happy and is sustainable.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support, the encouragement, the hard questions, and the kick in the pants!”

“A full and complete map to bring me to my Homecoming.”

“I feel more capable of managing my fears and insecurities.”

“I know what kind of change I want to make, and I've got the skills to help me get there.”

“I get to choose my life’s work and legacy.”

“I have a very clear focus of where I'm going.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

“I see a more satisfying work-life as both possible and on the horizon.”

“I feel like what I want is materializing in front of my eyes. Not to be trite, but it feels a bit miraculous.”

“I have a blueprint for whatever my future throws at me.”

“I am in the process of interviewing for a definite Homecoming Career!”

“Knowing that my calling can make a difference for people I admire is amazing.”

“Cold, hard, personalized evidence on why I chose this new career.”

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