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I felt so hopeless when it came to my career because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do. I also felt like no one could ever need or want what I really have to offer.

Through my own hard work and the support of Laura and the others in this group, I now have a guiding compass. I have a long-term vision for my career, and I have a plan for taking small steps to get there.

I’ve also started writing again, which has been a long-time strength, inner-growth tool, and source of enjoyment that I had really forgotten and neglected. I have reconnected with my own intuition, and I am actually following it more often than not instead of constantly doubting myself. From participating in this program, I now know I actually have value and service to offer the world.





I was starting to feel (again) like the career I am in is just not what I’m really meant for. I can do it, sure. I can even be satisfied with doing it some days. But do I feel fulfilled by it? Not by a long shot. Not ever. That eats me up a little bit inside.

I learned so much about myself through this process (which, I have to tell you, shocked me right down to my toes! I have done so much ‘inner work’ over the years that I did not believe I’d learn much of anything new about myself through this program. I was wrong.). This must be the single most thorough and well-thought-out program I’ve ever taken, and I’ve taken a LOT through the years!

Now, I can definitely name what I’m looking for and what would TRULY make my heart sing. That’s pretty exciting for someone who’s spent the last 20+ years feeling like nothing was right; nothing was good enough & I was just wasting my days away. I feel relieved.




I was going in circles. I knew I wasn’t aligned or fulfilled in my current line of work, so I was thinking up possible other career paths and then constantly second guessing myself ­- would that REALLY make me happy? What if that ends up being a worse situation than the one I’m in now? Which would then lead to me shutting ideas down altogether: I probably can’t make money doing that; I probably don’t have the right experience for that; I should just stay where it’s safe. Basically, career change was on my mind constantly, but I was making zero traction.

Now there’s no more second guessing or questioning. YCH builds a solid foundation ­ so you can’t argue with the outcomes! It’s based on my core values, interests and skills ­- and every option is put through a feasibility/practicality filter. So when I landed on final options, I KNEW they would make me happy, and I KNEW they were feasible. Bye-bye excuses and second guessing!

It wasn’t realistic for me to up and quit my job without a transitional plan. YCH made me confident that I wasn’t making an impulsive decision, but rather creating a mid­-to­-long-term plan for my career. It felt realistic and attainable, and a huge leap all at the same time. But because of the YCH structure, I felt what I was doing was sensible.

UPDATE: I have just accepted an offer for my “transitional” career ­- an exciting entrepreneurial venture ­- and I will be leaving my current 10-­year long career in finance. I’ll also be formally launching and building my coaching practice on the side!




Before YCH I was trying everything I could to make my current career path in health insurance work. I had already invested so much time in this path. I was trying different roles and different companies but as soon as the “newness” wore off, the same feelings came back.

I signed up for YCH because it wasn’t about finding your one true passion in life that would make everything magical. That is so much pressure…like you only get one shot to find your way to be happy or else your doomed. I wanted to work with someone that didn’t try pushing that one passion answer.

By the end of the program I have been able to get a new day job that will allow me to develop skills that will help me in my Homecoming Career and I’ve signed up for the training I will need to move forward in my Homecoming Career. I am completing this program with a path forward and the confidence in myself to walk that path!

I feel more in control, like I don’t just need to pick a path, cross my fingers and keep moving forward no matter what. I know that I can keep reassessing as I go because there is no one right answer. I can adjust the plan and I have the tools and ability to figure anything out that I need to in order to make my career what I want it to be. I feel really great about my path going forward and I know I couldn’t have done it without this program.



The first time I heard Laura say that getting paid for being you is a “strategy and a choice,” I was skeptical. I thought it was for trust fund kids that had an option of being a starving artist because they had loads of dough to actually pay the bills (aka: I had some false beliefs to overcome, and I seriously lacked empowerment. Oh, and a smidge of victim mentality). But I knew I wasn’t happy in my current job, and I wanted to make a change.

The curriculum of YCH was amazing. It was practical, and in being practical, it gained credibility with me. I mean no disrespect to the “follow your bliss­-ers” but that doesn’t lay out much of a practical path for transition. The great thing about YCH is that it taught me a process for the work; it showed me how to match my career possibilities with income requirements, values, etc. I learned how to match up these possibilities with the core of what I wanted.

Now I feel empowered and beyond excited. I won’t be exactly where I want to be for likely around 3 years, possibly sooner. But it’s REAL now. It feels like a rebirth.




It’s not a weight ­loss program, but I’ve dropped 17 lbs. with no more need to numb out the drudgery of my day job. Now, I live in a gorgeous, perfectly sized apartment. My family called my last place ‘the one with the Silence of the Lambs shower.’ I’d not been on a date in two years; been out several times now!

But wait, what does that have to do with Your Career Homecoming?


These shifts, these fun opportunities…this opening to Joy ­­– which did not come about through a question like, “How do you open your life up to Joy?” ­­– allowed me to touch center again.

I’d spent eight years pursuing a day job in an industry that was leaving my soul feeling Dementor­-ed. With my North Star in perfect view, I knew, instantly, the moment I would no longer work for someone with such incredibly different personal values than my own, and because of YCH, I knew why and didn’t feel a
lick of guilt about it. I could leave. I just started a new job and feel poised for satisfaction.




Before signing up for YCH I didn’t feel like I had an intentional direction for my career. I had a work history composed of a series of different jobs where the purpose was to pay the bills. And I realized that I had lost sight of pursuing work that would be meaningful to me – work that would make me happy and pay the bills.

As a creative person, the message of following your passion is one I’ve heard over and over again. I’d tried following my passion and that hadn’t worked for me. While I enjoy creative projects on a personal level, I didn’t have a sense of contribution that I now realize I needed in my work. So the idea of finding a purposeful career, something that I enjoy that would also help others, made a lot of sense.

I have clarity around the kind of work I want to pursue and more importantly, why I want to be doing it. I have a clear set of criteria that is personal to me and incorporates my values that I can use now and in the future to guide my career decisions, whether I continue on the same path or decide to make a change down the road. And I have a practical plan in place to work toward establishing my Homecoming Career!




I was in a job that didn’t fit anymore, and in an environment that was getting more toxic every day. I was exhausted.

YCH gave me the opportunity to identify my strengths, and to learn about ME and what I can do. The curriculum definitely opened my eyes to all that I am and am capable of. After Your Career Homecoming I can say I like my current career; it was the environment that had to change.

Before YCH was over I had scored a new job where they’re excited about what I have to offer and treat me as an asset. And now I have the tools to reinvent if this one doesn’t fit at some point. I see possibilities ahead, and there are no limits now.




Working with Laura has truly changed my life.

Before, I felt a bit like a failure; I was at a point where I knew I wanted a plan to leave my day job, but was unsure of the exact direction. I now have clear direction on my path, I have a plan on when to leave my day job, and I have the clarity and confidence to move forward in a direction that feels right to me.

UPDATE: July 11 is the date I left my government day job – TWO years ago! Time flies when you are having fun. And I’m having a lot of it, thanks in big part to Laura and YCH. The work I did with her not only brought me back to myself, but helped define my work’s purpose: to help people create a foundation – a sanctuary – for themselves through their home. Two years ago I was in a beige cubicle no longer feeling like I was making a difference in my job. I’ve since created my own cubicle-free job, and today, I create programs and resources to help people create a home they love, that inspires them to live the life they want. It makes me jump for joy to be able to say that. Laura – you do really good work…so we can also do really good work. Thank you.



I was bored with the business I’d started 5 years back. I didn’t want to do it anymore — but I didn’t know what might be next … or, rather, I had a few ideas, but didn’t have the courage to go for it.

I’ve gotten very clear about what I want and have organized my life around getting it. Being a journalist doesn’t feel like a pipe-dream anymore; it feels like it’s inevitable at this point. Almost like what I was always meant to do, I just didn’t quite know it before. I’m also happy in a way I haven’t been for a long time. I feel like what I want is materializing in front of my eyes. Not to be trite, but it feels a bit miraculous.

UPDATE: Today I had the first of two interviews with an American Public Media show— and was thanking my lucky stars for the work we did together. Those tell me what you bring to the table and why are you the best person for this position questions felt so simple. I hope the job is mine. I know I could rock it. Regardless, I feel great to have made it to the final 5 of 300+ applicants.

Anyways, I’m reaching out to say thank you, again. I don’t think I would’ve found my way here without your support. Sure, there’s plenty of hustle and tears and sleep deprivation ahead, but it feels good. I’m inhabiting a kind of confidence I’ve never experienced before. It feels right. And Your Career Homecoming helped me get here.

2ND UPDATE: I’m so excited to announce that I am joining the brilliant team at North Country Public Radio in Canton, New York as a Digital Content Producer. These folks and this station are everything I’ve been hoping and searching for.




I began working with Laura when I was weirdly lost and going in a direction that everyone else felt I should go. Inside, I knew it wasn’t for me, but I wasn’t equipped with the right tools to make a shift.

I went from being in a career that I was miserable in to a position and work environment that are actually aligned with my core values, and are perfect for my schedule and lifestyle. Plus, I still have the time and energy to work on my personal business goals because I am excited about and inspired by what I’m doing.



Before Your Career Homecoming, I was floundering. I’d hit a wall at my administrative job and was scrambling to find a way out. I felt absolute despair at the thought of being stuck here, or, maybe worse, of finding another job exactly like this…and another after that.

Thanks to YCH, I know what business I’m going to start! I know that I’m going to start a business! Can you feel how huge that is for me?! At the start of this program, I had NO idea whatsoever that, months later, I’d find myself on a journey to become a solo-preneur. It wasn’t even remotely on my radar. Once it emerged toward the end of the program, I flipped back through my YCH pages, all the way from the beginning, and reread all of my writing and musing about who I am and what’s important to me and what I want to be known for…and sure enough, it was there all along. What a gift!

Your Career Homecoming helped me find my way to a home that I always had within me. It’s not that I suddenly became something; it’s that I found something within myself that I’d overlooked before. I had no idea that I truly could get paid for being me.

UPDATE: I quit! I quit the office job and am working exclusively on building my new business over the next couple weeks. Next month my beau and I are embarking on The Adventure of a Lifetime — traveling by RV all over the U.S. until we find Home. It’s wild to me that you’ve only known me as this whirlwind woman because, I swear, I’m. not. usually. like. this. I don’t typically leap. Ever. But, in the past year, so many things have felt either so not right or so right, and it’s been wonderfully easy for me to tell the difference. Decisions I might’ve agonized over previously are now no-brainers. I attribute some of this to learning so dang much about myself through YCH.



Before YCH, I felt like I was losing sight of who I was. YCH seemed like the real deal. No flowery language, no crazy promises. I decided I was ready to do the work and finally talk to someone who understood what I was going through.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t expect my life to change after YCH. I now have three things I never (in my wildest dreams) could’ve imagined: clarity, confidence, and direction. I no longer feel that sense of dread when I think about work. I actually wake up everyday excited to work on my Homecoming Career. The happiness I feel has inched its way to other areas of my life and for that, I am grateful.

As someone with I-have-too-many-interests syndrome, YCH has been invaluable in helping to ground me and figure out what to focus on. The best thing that I’ve gotten from YCH is action. I made a solid and responsible plan for leaving my job. I didn’t wait for permission, more education, the right time, or more money to start working towards my Homecoming Career.

I am happy to share that a couple weeks after YCH ended, I officially transitioned from my tech job into my new role as a floral design assistant, the first stop on my path towards becoming an event designer. I owe YCH for helping me find purpose for doing this work and giving me the tools I need to make my next leaps forward.




After 6 years of trying to figure it all on my own I knew that I would just be in the same place as I was now 4 months later if I didn't sign up. I wanted to get on the YCH tour bus and be delivered to career clarity.

The course gave me time to try things on for size (eg how do I feel about being an employee, how about journalist?) and then ditch that idea two weeks later. I love that there was time and room to try things on for size and entertain all the possibilities.

I feel much more confident in my direction of my career now. It was a really important moment for me when you gave me permission to pursue the career I was most interested in. Before you said that I don't think I would have felt "allowed" to pursue it. I also had an important moment on our final call when you said that the things that I don't like about that field can become points that I can use to differentiate myself. Also your encouragement that being a beginner in the field brings with it it's own advantages. That was a real confidence booster. So I got given lots of confidence in the course from you Laura. I got a champion in you to say yes I can do this, it's possible. 

I now know what course I am going to study. I feel safely delivered to that doorstep! I also have a game plan so I know the next steps forward in terms of starting a business. 

The indecision panic has subsided. And if it flares up again I just go back to my awesome tower/filter/career manifesto and it always answers my questions and reassures my doubts. Like you said, that piece of paper is my real resume. I can always come back to that and refine it with time as I continue to learn about myself and my likes and dislikes. 




While I was successful in terms of external factors (promotions, people being pleased with my work), I was really unhappy and it was draining me. I had come to realize that the field I was in was not a good fit for me. I wanted a job that I enjoyed, and that supported my life rather than detracted from it.

Before YCH, I felt like the kind of work that I was good at was work that I didn’t enjoy. I had a swirl of ideas about what I was interested in, but all of my ideas felt impractical. I was really stuck. I longed for something that was a better fit, but felt like having that was unlikely and unrealistic.

Doing this program helped me come up with concrete, realistic career ideas that fit me. I quit my draining job. I started taking better care of myself. I feel like I now have a clear, practical path and am on my way to a career that I am excited about.



I had been working in the financial industry for about 10 years, which was about 9 years too long. I knew from the beginning that it wasn’t my thing, but I just didn’t know what my thing was! After trying to figure out my next career move on my own for, oh, 3 years (not exaggerating), I knew I needed help.

There have been such big changes for me in the past 4 months! I’ve quit my job.
I’m solidly on my new career path, and, much more important for me personally, I know WHY I want what I want, and am confident of the direction in which I’m headed.

That whole grounded, HOMECOMING feeling it took me awhile to wrap my head around, but once I figured it out everything fell into place. It really has been life changing.



I was unclear of my career options. I felt ready for a change and was doing what I knew to do, yet nothing was panning out.

Now, I can definitely say what I’m looking for. Unclear, “what do I do with my life?” frustrated days are gone. I’m less fearful, and more focused, hopeful, and courageous.

Even though I am just starting out toward my Homecoming Career, I’m on my way. The steps are paying off, and I have more deeply satisfying days than I’ve known in a long time.



I was a scientist running out of funding, feeling like I had failed but also just very puzzled, because I had come off several years of working hard and getting better, and yet not rising in the ranks or feeling like I fit in. I knew I had cool skills but had no clue about where to take them.

I am much more confident now and have a more rational understanding of why I no longer fit with my old career. I’ve traded shame for understanding and clarity. I have an ending for the statement, “What I really want to do is…” and a plan for how to get there. That’s exciting! And a huge relief.



When I signed up for YCH, I was out of grad school for about a year. It was an MFA degree with a focus in writing novels, and I came out of the program with enough knowledge to find my own way writing books but without the tools I needed to build a career. Even though I was working hard and doing things I loved, I was embarrassed by my lack of income and wondering if I should get a day job.

Because of Your Career Homecoming, there has been a huge shift for me internally. I realized that I was using my career as a convenient excuse to avoid stepping toward happiness in other areas of my life. YCH helped me to see through a lot of lies that I believed about work, figure out what was really important to me, and chart a clear course toward not just a good career, but a good life. I was able to see myself the way my community sees me, as someone who is capable, creative and resourceful, and I have confidence that these qualities and my big YCH binder can get me through just about anything.



I had an inkling of what I wanted to do with my life career-wise, but I lacked the conviction and courage to pursue it.

Now I’m so excited about my plans that I can’t sit still!

I no longer feel apologetic about working toward the life that I want. I feel more self-assured. Mostly, I feel very hopeful about the future, and confident that I’m moving in the right direction for me. I know it won’t be easy, but I know it is possible and that I’ll always regret it if I don’t try.




My biggest problem in my career was not feeling challenged enough and not feeling like I was growing or learning as much as I wanted, and just feeling underutilized. And at work that was obviously difficult because I didn’t feel satisfied. And then when it got really bad, it followed me around after work. I was just too tired to want to do anything else because the day was such an energy suck.

When your confidence is shaken, you feel like you can’t find or don’t deserve something different. But I did the Your Career Homecoming work and turned the corner.

Now that I have my new job, I get excited to go to work. Haha! It’s a weird feeling! I feel like I have literally learned something new every day. My self-pride and confidence is up. When people used to ask me what I do, I would kind of groan. Now I feel happy to answer that question. I care, and I like what I do.

I feel like it’s spurring me to make other changes in my life. I’m moving into a new apartment in a new part of town that I’m excited about. I’m taking fun workout classes. I’m finding joy again.