I often work with clients who have tried it all, including working with career coaches, life coaches, and therapists.

Welcome to the end of your career quest.

I use a mentorship model simply because it's what works when it comes to choosing a meaningful career. With mentorship, you get the benefit of guidance from a person who's been in a similar situation and has years of expertise in helping people solve this specific problem.

You're a complex person with wants and needs that sometimes compete with each other. 

I don't rely on assessments, types, or other career parlor tricks that reveal interesting information about yourself but don’t actually help you choose the right career. Using the proven YCH curriculum as our starting point, we work together to make sure you have the individualized support you need and don't fall into any career change traps.

Why mentorship matters

What we accomplish

Your Career Homecoming’s career change mentorship program now has 190+ graduates from 12 countries.

Working closely with each client, I help them identify the best career options, choose between them, and create a flexible plan to get there.

A Homecoming Career has to use your strengths, meet your income needs, support the life you want to build, and let you contribute in a meaningful way. There is a Homecoming Career for everyone. 

Many of my clients start out hopeful this approach will work for them, but also skeptical because they’ve already tried so many things that haven’t worked. I created Your Career Homecoming because I had the same experience. Questions like “What did you want to do when you were a kid?” or “What would you do if the money didn’t matter?” didn’t get me the answers I needed. I created a thorough process so that people who value meaningful work can get clarity quickly. 

Why it works

Here's why it works

It's holistic.

Most career change methodologies take a very academic approach to your career, as if you can be summed up by a list of transferable skills. We consider your whole person and how your career will contribute to the life you want to live.


This is a unicorn­-free zone. While big dreams are encouraged, fantasy is not. We don’t assume that if you love something enough or work hard enough that things will work out, because life doesn’t always work like that. 


While it's impossible to eliminate risk when you make a change, you don't need to be reckless. We use a checks-and-balances system to ensure that you won’t make the same mistakes you’ve made in the past or get invested in something that sounds enticing but is not actually a match for you.


You get lots of specific-to-you guidance and mentoring so you’re not left to figure everything out on your own. (What color IS your parachute?!)


The best strategy doesn’t work if you’re too afraid to implement it, so we also deal with your fears. Learning emotional resilience, how to manage uncertainty, and building confidence are integral parts of the program so you can get out of your own way.


No more basing big life decisions on what you have a hunch might work or what Aunt Susan thinks you’d be good at. Your Career Homecoming is so thorough and specific to you that you can’t argue with the outcomes. 


Even people who have done a lot of personal development work struggle when it comes to applying what they know about themselves to their career. Your Career Homecoming bridges the gap between your self­-knowledge and a meaningful career.


It’s amazing to finally be able to answer the question, “What am I doing with my life?” but Your Career Homecoming makes sure you have a plan on how to transition into your Homecoming Career, too.

The short-term goal of Your Career Homecoming is to help you discover the meaningful work that's right for you--and it does that. But should your life circumstances change (you move, get married, have a baby, want something different), you'll have a process to navigate change. In short, you’re set for life.

IT’S forever.

Who it's for

Your Career Homecoming clients have been executives, stay at home moms returning to work, department heads, and admin assistants. They've worked for major news outlets, ivy league universities, the military, nationally recognized non-profits, huge corporations, small businesses, and themselves.
What they all have in common is the drive to do something that matters without sacrificing the life they want to build for themselves.

That's what Your Career Homecoming has helped them do. 

"I now have three things I never in my wildest dreams could’ve imagined: clarity, confidence, and direction."

Nicole Nguyen

"Now I KNOW what is important to me and what drives me. No more 'ending up' places. I get to choose my life’s work and legacy."


"Now, I can definitely name what I’m looking for and what would TRULY make my heart sing. "


"I know what my Homecoming Career is and I've started the steps to get me there. "


"I have a very clear focus of where I'm going and that gives me the most confidence that I will get there."


"I have just accepted an offer for my 'transitional' career ­- an exciting entrepreneurial venture ­- and I will be leaving my 10-year long career in finance. "


I’m absolutely committed to helping each client get exceptional results, which is why the mentorship program is by invitation and why I only work with a few clients at a time.

Also, I know you're exhausted from months or years (or maybe even lots of years) of trying to figure this all out on your own. I’m here to take care of you. You show up ready to work, and I’ll walk you through exactly what to do.

To see if the program might be right for you, watch the free training. 

Guidance that gets you there.

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