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Your Dreams Are Not Fragile

Your Dreams Are Not Fragile

Listen to me read this piece: 

Your dreams are not so fragile that they will crumble if you say them out loud.
In fact, you could scream them
until your throat bleeds and is raw from exertion
and they would remain
waiting for you to meet them

while you squirm and sweat
and twist and resist,
a theatre of misspent energy
that when viewed from above
does seem unduly fraught, no?

Because they are not fearful
they don’t wince at criticism
they don’t bruise by doubt
they are untouched

It’s you
who must become more like them


so that you don’t shatter on your way to them
or worse,
never start the way at all
fearful that you will splinter into 1000 unrecognizable pieces.

You are not so fragile.
You will not splinter.

Breathe the words out on a cool morning.
See them hang in the air before you
that exists outside of you now
dreams hung in air
waiting for you to meet them

They are not so fragile.
You need not treat them so gently.
Go meet them.

  1. Tracey Rissik says:

    I found this incredibly moving Laura, it spoke to my heart – thank you for stepping out of your usual "newsletter mode" to bring something so powerful into being for us.
    I was at a networking lunch & we were talking about dreams for our businesses, but this applies too, to our personal dreams.
    Thank you immeasurably 🙂
    Tracey x

  2. soniacgalea@yahoo.fr says:

    Laura, thank you for this post. I recently signed up to receive your newsletter and this post is all and more that I’d hoped for. Your words touch the fragile places or, at least, those which we (I) believe are fragile, and they remind us of all that we have within, that we need not fear going ahead. Thank you for your encouragement and support.



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