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Career Advice for My 30 Year-Old Self

Career Advice for My 30-Year Old Self

This morning I was sitting on my couch, post-coffee, taking a moment to breathe before plunging into the next thing on my to-do list, listening to the rain.

My mind flashed to my 30 year-old self. That was only seven years ago, but so much has changed, and there is so much I wish I could go back and tell her.

At 30, I had been out of grad school for 2 years. Married for 2 years. Doing the LA actor hustle for 2 years. I was still very into and proactive about my acting career. It was an exciting time. I had no idea that my passion for my career would bottom out in a year or two and I’d have the daunting task of finding work I could love as much as I loved acting.

Here’s what I would tell her:

Career Advice for My 30 Year-Old Self

Cultivate your interests outside of your work.

As a person, you need to be more than an actor. Read about other stuff. Volunteer with animals. Paint. Watch documentaries. Go on more hikes. You do ok with this, but don’t be afraid to play more.

Visit your friends and family more often.

I know you worry about leaving town because you’ll miss opportunities and it’s expensive, but find a way to make it work. Get a travel miles credit card. These people were around before you had this career, and they’ll be around if you ever decide to leave this career. I know your work matters a lot to you, but you need your people.

Become a producer.

Don’t wait around for someone to hire you. Produce your own work. Be a creator. Build a platform. Create the work you care about. Not only will you be more creatively fulfilled, but it’s damn attractive to others when you’re a making your own way. They will want a piece, which will make it easier to get hired.

Don’t be afraid to do it your way.

You’ve never cared what other people think, so don’t start now. There are lots of formulas and plans that other people will try to sell you. It’s great to learn from people who have been successful, but they didn’t get successful by coloring in the lines. You have good instincts. Use them.

You are valuable without this job.

Your work is a big part of who you are, but if you didn’t have this career? You’d still be a valuable person. You bring a lot to the lives of the people who love you that have nothing to do with your job. Don’t kid yourself that this job makes you somebody; you, alone, are somebody.

Do things that make you feel strong.

This industry can make you feel small. Some people will try to make you feel dis-empowered and stupid on purpose. Eff that. Whatever makes you feel strong, do more of it. It doesn’t even have to be related to your career. When you find something that reminds you of your own power, do it. Running on a trail, howling at the moon, lifting the big dude weights at the gym, standing with arms out-stretched among the trees, walking with purpose at the promenade, tipping a musician, making theatre with your friends. Do it.

Remember who you are.

When something rocks your confidence or sense of self, remember who you are. Remember your lineage and where you came from. Remember all the things you’ve done before this, all the challenges you have overcome. Remember that soft-centered heart you have. Remember your ability and power. Remember what makes you laugh and brings you to your knees in tears. That is you. All of you. Not anything else. Remember that.

It’s ok to change your mind.

Heads up: you might want to do different work in the future. That’s ok. It doesn’t mean you’ve messed up, wasted time and money on this career, or are a quitter. It means you’ve changed. You’re allowed to do that. You’re supposed to do that.

It will all work out.

Not like you thought it would. Keep an open mind. Trust your gut. It’s going to be fine. It’s going to be better than you can imagine.

  1. kelihighland@gmail.com says:

    Bravo! This is my favorite blog post you’ve written! I really identify with ‘Don’t be afraid to do it your way.’ So often I find myself skimming the internet, reading a book or talking to friends about the best way to do something. If I’m being honest, I do that when I am afraid to trust myself. When I follow my own guidance I always feel better and am happier with my decisions. I think these insights apply to career, dating, parenting…so many things!

    • laura@laurasimms.net says:

      Thanks, Keli! I think you’re right about researching what others would do. We usually know (enough) of what needs to happen.

  2. wnabakiibi@yahoo.com says:

    I would tell my 30 year old self who was 7 years ago that ‘its not all about you". Pay attention to yourself and forget what others think about you. That way i could have had more fun with myself. Anyway, its not all lost, i figured this out and am enjoying being who i am.

  3. Mirasolwisdom says:

    Thank you for insight and wisdom. I am 25 turning 26 soon and embarking on creating work that feels inspiring and enjoyable for me. I loved getting your email today and hearing how important it is to continue doing things outside of your work that you enjoy. I’m trying to incorporate what I love into my work and I find many people are on this bandwagon nowadays. I feel I can’t go back to a dead end job at all. There is no way I can turn back. Thanks again for the inspiration. <3

  4. BlueK says:

    You made me tear. I turn 30 in a few months and feel that I have no idea what am I doing with my life and career. Feel so lost. This blogpost made me feel it is OK to feel lost and confused. Thank you so much.

  5. gech says:

    Hi Laura, I’m from Cambodia, I’m turning 26 soon, and I’m still an intern, I have no confident to apply for any position beside as an intern. I study environmental science, the jobs that related to my major seem not fit with my personality since I’m an introvert, shy person. 9 months as an intern with some NGO, I found that those job are my weakness, and I don’t want to continue on that path anymore, but I have no background or experience to apply for any other job. I feel so stress and useless.


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