Welcome to the end of your career quest

You want your work to make a difference, but you’re lost when it comes to choosing a meaningful career. You’ve tried — desperately — to figure this out.

But no amount of journaling, personality tests, experimenting, taking classes, making lists of things you’re good at or would do if the money didn’t matter has gotten you any closer to the answer.

In fact, you feel more confused than ever. The swirl of advice you’ve gotten from blogs, podcasts, and well-meaning family members has drowned out your own voice and desires.

You need someone who can see who you are, nurture what you're capable of, and give it to you straight.

Breathe easy, because that’s exactly what I do.


Career change mentorship


Your Career Homecoming’s signature offering is the career change mentorship program. Researched for several years before launching in 2012, the program now has 130+ graduates from 11 countries.

Working closely with each client, founder Laura Simms helps them identify the best career options, choose between them, and create a flexible plan to get there.

A Homecoming Career has to use your strengths, meet your income needs, support the life you want to build, and let you contribute in a meaningful way.


Why mentorship matters

I often work with clients who have tried it all, including working with career coaches, life coaches, and therapists.

I use a mentorship model simply because it's what works when it comes to choosing a meaningful career. With mentorship, you get the benefit of guidance from a person who's been in a similar situation and has years of expertise in helping people solve this specific problem.

You're a complex person with wants and needs that sometimes compete with each other. I don't rely on assessments, types, or other career parlor tricks to tell you the "right" answer. I empower you with the criteria you need to make the best decision for you, while making sure you don't fall into any career change traps.

Learn more about why it works.

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Who it's for

Your Career Homecoming clients have been executives, stay at home moms returning to work, department heads, admin assistants. They've worked for major news outlets, ivy league universities, the military, nationally recognized non-profits, huge corporations, small businesses, and themselves.

What they all have in common is the drive to do something that matters without sacrificing the life they want to build for themselves.

That's what Your Career Homecoming has helped them do. 


What clients say



Guidance that gets you there

I’m absolutely committed to helping each client get exceptional results, which is why the mentorship program is by invitation and I only work with a few clients at a time.

Also, I know you're exhausted from months or years (or maybe even lots of years) of trying to figure this all out on your own. I’m here to take care of you. You show up ready to work, and I’ll walk you through exactly what to do. 

To see if the Your Career Homecoming career change mentorship program might be right for you, watch the free training.