“Cold, hard, personalized evidence on why I chose this new career.”

I had always wanted to start my own business, but then I graduated college at the height of the recession and grabbed the first admin job I could get at a local university. Somehow, years later, I found myself still stuck in administration. I had done A TON of independent research on possible careers (I had notebooks upon notebooks filled with research), tried a couple of online programs to no avail, was drowning in indecisiveness, and feeling utterly stuck. I had followed Laura for awhile and always had the idea of trying Your Career Homecoming, but it wasn't until I hit "career rock-bottom" (i.e. feeling genuinely depressed most days and hating 5 out of 7 days in the week) that I finally decided to invest in myself and enroll in YCH.
I recognized how comprehensive and systematic the program truly was and how YCH is a true "fluff-free" zone. You won't hear, "Follow your passion, and the money will come" with Laura or her program, and I LOVED that. YCH allows each person to create a truly comprehensive, personalized filter, and this filter is rooted in real life, practical terms, which was a huge factor in my decision. Also, you are so not alone in YCH. Laura is a mentor, oracle of career wisdom and knowledge, and an incredible guide throughout each step of the process. I had done other online career programs on my own, and because of my past experiences, I recognized the serious value in having a guide to walk with you.
I no longer question my career path, and that is HUGE because I was the queen of career indecisiveness for years. And I did not land on this new path on a random whim; I have a massive binder of cold, hard, personalized evidence on why I chose this new career, and that's an incredible, beautiful thing. I'm also far more optimistic because I know that my current admin "day job" is not my "forever job" anymore. Also, as a remarkable residual benefit of YCH, I'm far more attuned to my daily resilience and self-care needs and practices.
Finally, after years of going back and forth, I know which type of business I'm going to start! I'm confident and excited for this new upcoming chapter. I landed on my most immediate goals over the next three months, which will serve to bridge the gap between where I am now to the type of business owner I desire to be.

- Toni

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