“I was hired at my top pick ranch.”



I have some awesome news to share. In three months I will be working on a dude ranch in Wyoming. I get to meet people from all walks of life, write in my free time and take photos of the beautiful landscape, and of course wear boots and jeans every day.

It was visiting a ranch last summer that sparked the question, “Could I do this for a living?” So I began scouting ranches online and submitting applications, which was an experience of its own having to submit my resume that highlights my work background in finance/real estate and trying to explain why a realtor from Nashville wants to work on a ranch. Anyway, it worked! I had several interviews and just today I was hired at my top pick ranch. I’m so thrilled and wanted to share that with you.

Thank you for helping me open up to my hopes and desires and discovering new thoughts of what work means to me and how that might look.

Laura SimmsB