“A clear course toward not just a good career, but a good life.”



When I signed up for YCH, I was out of grad school for about a year. It was an MFA degree with a focus in writing novels, and I came out of the program with enough knowledge to find my own way writing books but without the tools I needed to build a career. Even though I was working hard and doing things I loved, I was embarrassed by my lack of income and wondering if I should get a day job.

Because of Your Career Homecoming, there has been a huge shift for me internally. I realized that I was using my career as a convenient excuse to avoid stepping toward happiness in other areas of my life. YCH helped me to see through a lot of lies that I believed about work, figure out what was really important to me, and chart a clear course toward not just a good career, but a good life. I was able to see myself the way my community sees me, as someone who is capable, creative and resourceful, and I have confidence that these qualities and my big YCH binder can get me through just about anything.

Laura SimmsB