“I can confidently say what business I’m going to start.”



I'd been floundering around for years being really unsatisfied with my career/work situations, but not having the clarity and confidence to move forward and make a change. I was drawn to the practical and actionable characteristics of Your Career Homecoming. After I talked with Laura, I really felt heard and supported - I knew she would provide the accountability and guidance I needed!

I had been contemplating entrepreneurship for a long time, but I never had any idea what I wanted to do. Now I can confidently say what business I’m going to start. 

I have a roadmap for my next steps, which is so huge considering I felt like I was aimlessly consuming information from a million sources and hoping that I'd have the light bulb moment that would lead me to THE ONE CAREER/BUSINESS! 

Most importantly, I know how I want my future to look and feel, and I can use this to guide my career baby steps.

Laura SimmsA