“I left my government day job.”

Working with Laura has truly changed my life.
Before, I felt a bit like a failure; I was at a point where I knew I wanted a plan to leave my day job, but was unsure of the exact direction. I now have clear direction on my path, I have a plan on when to leave my day job, and I have the clarity and confidence to move forward in a direction that feels right to me.
UPDATE: July 11 is the date I left my government day job – TWO years ago! Time flies when you are having fun. And I’m having a lot of it, thanks in big part to Laura and YCH. The work I did with her not only brought me back to myself, but helped define my work’s purpose: to help people create a foundation – a sanctuary – for themselves through their home. Two years ago I was in a beige cubicle no longer feeling like I was making a difference in my job. I’ve since created my own cubicle-free job, and today, I create programs and resources to help people create a home they love, that inspires them to live the life they want. It makes me jump for joy to be able to say that. Laura – you do really good work…so we can also do really good work. Thank you.

-Tania Wojciechowski


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