“YCH made me confident that I wasn’t making an impulsive decision.”

I was going in circles. I knew I wasn’t aligned or fulfilled in my current line of work, so I was thinking up possible other career paths and then constantly second guessing myself ­- would that REALLY make me happy? What if that ends up being a worse situation than the one I’m in now? Which would then lead to me shutting ideas down altogether: I probably can’t make money doing that; I probably don’t have the right experience for that; I should just stay where it’s safe. Basically, career change was on my mind constantly, but I was making zero traction.
Now there’s no more second guessing or questioning. YCH builds a solid foundation ­so you can’t argue with the outcomes!
It’s based on my core values, interests and skills ­- and every option is put through a feasibility/practicality filter. So when I landed on final options, I KNEW they would make me happy, and I KNEW they were feasible. Bye-bye excuses and second guessing!
It wasn’t realistic for me to up and quit my job without a transitional plan. YCH made me confident that I wasn’t making an impulsive decision, but rather creating a mid­-to­-long-term plan for my career. It felt realistic and attainable, and a huge leap all at the same time. But because of the YCH structure, I felt what I was doing was sensible.
UPDATE: I have just accepted an offer for my “transitional” career ­- an exciting entrepreneurial venture ­- and I will be leaving my 10-­year long career in finance. I’ll also be formally launching and building my coaching practice on the side!



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