Your Career Homecoming
Your Career Homecoming
Mentorship to discover your meaningful work

The 5 Keys My Clients Use to Discover Their Meaningful Career

(even if they’ve been trying to figure it out for years)

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 You’re Going to Discover:

  • The step-by-step strategy that’s taking my clients from years of career frustration to meaningful work they’re proud of

  • A simple structure to choose a career that’s a natural extension of who you are, so you can feel at home in your work and reach your potential

  • Why brainstorming a list of job titles is the WORST way to find work you love…and how to come up with new, better possibilities

  • How to balance “dreaming big” and “being practical” so you’ll have realistic options that you’re actually excited about

  • AND how to do all of this while contributing something positive to the world



Laura Simms is an expert in meaningful work and the founder of Your Career Homecoming.

Since 2011, she's helped hundreds of people pinpoint which career will provide the meaning, money, and impact they desire.