"I know what I want. It’s REAL now."

The first time I heard Laura say that getting paid for being you is a “strategy and a choice,” I was skeptical. I thought it was for trust fund kids that had an option of being a starving artist because they had loads of dough to actually pay the bills (aka: I had some false beliefs to overcome, and I seriously lacked empowerment. Oh, and a smidge of victim mentality). But I knew I wasn’t happy in my current job, and I wanted to make a change.
The curriculum of Your Career Homecoming was amazing. It was practical, and in being practical, it gained credibility with me. I mean no disrespect to the “follow your bliss­-ers” but that doesn’t lay out much of a practical path for transition.
The great thing about YCH is that it taught me a process for the work; I learned how to match my career possibilities with my income requirements and values. I learned how to match up these possibilities with the core of what I wanted.
Now I feel empowered and beyond excited. I won’t be exactly where I want to be for likely around 3 years, possibly sooner, but I know what I want. It’s REAL now. It feels like a rebirth.

-Shannon Guild


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