“I just started a new job and feel poised for satisfaction.”

It’s not a weight ­loss program, but I’ve dropped 17 lbs. with no more need to numb out the drudgery of my day job. Now, I live in a gorgeous, perfectly sized apartment. My family called my last place ‘the one with the Silence of the Lambs shower.’ I’d not been on a date in two years; been out several times now!
But wait, what does that have to do with Your Career Homecoming?
These shifts, these fun opportunities…this opening to Joy ­­– which did not come about through a question like, “How do you open your life up to Joy?” ­­– allowed me to touch center again.
I’d spent eight years pursuing a day job in an industry that was leaving my soul feeling Dementor­-ed. With my North Star in perfect view, I knew, instantly, the moment I would no longer work for someone with such incredibly different personal values than my own, and because of YCH, I knew why and didn’t feel a lick of guilt about it. I could leave. I just started a new job and feel poised for satisfaction.

- Sasha Harris


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