“Going for the things that are a true representation of myself.”

I felt I was at a cross-roads. I liked my job, but did not feel any sense of fulfillment from it on a personal level.
I feel really good about the future of my career now. I am more open to possibilities, and feel more confident about what my intuition says is a right move for me. I was able to explore so much during the course that made me aware of my past successes, what matters to me most, and how I thrive and I watch for those things now in my day to day. I would highly recommend Your Career Homecoming to anyone who is searching.
UPDATE: I sold my home and downsized to a condo! Part of this enabled me to refinance and open up doors financially to consider courses for my planned YCH career. It also enabled me to gut and completely renovate my condo so it is exactly a true reflection of me. I also recently met a lovely guy who has become a huge part of my life in a very short time. As for the current job, I was recently recognized for my hard work with a promotion and raise (which was amazing)!
I would say that all of this came as a result of deep reflection and learning that I have been doing over a number of years – and with the help of YCH as well to help me segment my life into going for the things that are a true representation of myself and putting other things aside that are not.

- Sarah Finney


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