“I’m seriously trying out my business idea.”

I was struggling with what career I should choose. There were so many options, and I was trying to combine everything I liked into ONE career!!
Laura is hilarious and means business at the same time. The process was fun, reflective and gives you a chance to evaluate each career option with your intuition AND logic- something that I haven’t seen with other career coaches. If you want clarity, even if it’s clarity on ‘What career do I start exploring first?’, get into Your Career Homecoming and get ready to know yourself like you never have before.
I am at a point where I’m seriously trying out my business idea (like- actually talking to people and having SALES conversations!), so I’m experimenting as I go. Your Career Homecoming has provided me with a firm starting point so that I’m not floundering anymore with ‘what shall I do with my life?!’

- Roshni


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