“I have a very clear focus of where I'm going.”

I had just come off a couple very challenging years dealing with the death of my mom, an auto immune illness, two major moves, and the responsibility of my mom's estate. I had to put my own needs and career objectives aside during this time and I finally felt ready and able to start focusing on myself again. I needed some sort of structure and format to help me along, and the combination of holistic and practical principles plus community support meant that Your Career Homecoming was right for me. 

It turned out that I was on the right path but had lost confidence that I could get there with all the life distractions I had been facing over the past several years. 

I know what business I'm starting. I have a very clear focus of where I'm going and that gives me the most confidence that I will get there, even of there are distractions and bumps along the way. I'm proud of my values and what I stand for.

- Melissa Arra


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