“Work that lights me up.”

I began Your Career Homecoming (#lifechanging) while almost simultaneously starting a 6-week freelance gig for which I was so excited. AND holy moly, also so lost and desperate. This gig was work I knew I loved, but work I never actually pursued because I didn’t see myself as qualified. Instead of settling into a new career path, I was reeling.
It's not that all my worries magically *poof!* disappeared, but they no longer keep me stuck in my tracks. Now I know everything's going to be ok. I have a better sense of control over my life and career. I’m owning my skills and am confident in my abilities. There's a deep sense of knowing what I value in myself and in work and the tools to pursue that magical intersection.
It’s not just that I feel better; I’m. Doing. The. Right. Work. Work that lights me up. Work that I’m *excited* I get to do. Work that serves me AND serves others without making a servant of any parties involved.
For me, it wasn’t just about finding the right thing; it was about me feeling at home in it. And truth be told, I think I'm home.

- Megan Dowd


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