“I feel more energized and more confident about finding work.”

My husband had just gone into remission for cancer, the hospital bills were piling up, and we were both frustrated that he was still the one working daily, despite chemo and radiation, bringing home the bacon as the breadwinner of our household. I was feeling shame, guilt, and desperation that my freelance job as a virtual assistant was inconsistent when it came to being paid.
Now I feel more energized and more confident about finding work. More opportunities (especially writing and editing ones, jobs I had dreamed about in the past) seem to be opening themselves up to me, more than ever.
And I love the group coaching calls and the YCH community; there’s something about being with others who are on similar paths, yearning for similar goals, that makes you feel less alone, more fortified.
I feel much more hopeful and confident about my future, wherever it goes. I am realizing there isn’t just one path for me. The career that feels like home can and will change. And that’s okay. Trust is something I can actually hold onto now.

- Lily


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