“My self-pride and confidence is up.”

My biggest problem in my career was not feeling challenged enough and not feeling like I was growing or learning as much as I wanted, and just feeling underutilized. And at work that was obviously difficult because I didn’t feel satisfied. And then when it got really bad, it followed me around after work. I was just too tired to want to do anything else because the day was such an energy suck.
When your confidence is shaken, you feel like you can’t find or don’t deserve something different. But I did the Your Career Homecoming work and turned the corner.
Now that I have my new job, I get excited to go to work. Haha! It’s a weird feeling! I feel like I have literally learned something new every day. My self-pride and confidence is up. When people used to ask me what I do, I would kind of groan. Now I feel happy to answer that question. I care, and I like what I do.
I feel like it’s spurring me to make other changes in my life. I’m moving into a new apartment in a new part of town that I’m excited about. I’m taking fun workout classes. I’m finding joy again.



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