“I know how I want to contribute.”

I was feeling very stuck in my current career. I wasn't sure why I didn't enjoy it and I was lost when it came to thinking about what else I could do. I had already changed careers before and the idea of doing that again was so daunting I felt like I was suffocating. My life was slipping away and I was wasting my time doing work I didn't enjoy.
There are two reasons why I signed up for YCH: 1) Laura's message and ideas around finding meaningful work made me realize why I had been so unhappy in my career so far. It felt like I had found someone who finally got what it was I was looking for. 2) I knew I was going to need help and support in this process, as well as some kind of accountability check in. Otherwise I never would have gotten anywhere.
Now I find I am less stressed about finding the “perfect" job. I have the knowledge and the tools to get there now, and I am so much more confident in my interests, skills, and in what I can achieve.

- Jodi


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