“I have a blueprint for whatever my future throws at me.”

I was really unhappy with my job. I spent most of my time pissed off, frustrated, and didn’t like the person I had become in the office and at home. I knew that my job lacked the meaning that I wanted and I felt I was doing things more for other people than based on my own goals and motivations.
Your Career Homecoming has allowed me to dare to go for something I wouldn’t have had the confidence to aim for, something that I may have thought was conceited to even imagine.
I have a blueprint for whatever my future throws at me, thanks to the massively increased understanding I have of myself and what I see as my place in the world. I have a sense of purpose, a mission to absorb myself in, and an area that I am passionate about and fascinated by. I feel confident and comfortable about this new direction.

- Jessica


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