“The indecision panic has subsided.”

After 6 years of trying to figure it all on my own I knew that I would just be in the same place as I was now several months later if I didn't sign up. I wanted to get on the YCH tour bus and be delivered to career clarity.
The course gave me time to try things on for size (eg how do I feel about being an employee, how about journalist?) and then ditch that idea two weeks later. I love that there was time and room to try things on for size and entertain all the possibilities.
I feel much more confident in my direction of my career now. It was a really important moment for me when you gave me permission to pursue the career I was most interested in. Before you said that I don't think I would have felt "allowed" to pursue it. I also had an important moment on our final call when you said that the things that I don't like about that field can become points that I can use to differentiate myself. Also your encouragement that being a beginner in the field brings with it it's own advantages. That was a real confidence booster. So I got given lots of confidence in the course from you, Laura. I got a champion in you to say yes I can do this, it's possible. 
I now know what course I am going to study. I feel safely delivered to that doorstep! I also have a game plan so I know the next steps forward in terms of starting a business. 
The indecision panic has subsided. And if it flares up again I just go back to my awesome tower/filter/career manifesto and it always answers my questions and reassures my doubts. Like you said, that piece of paper is my real resume. I can always come back to that and refine it with time as I continue to learn about myself and my likes and dislikes.

- Jane


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