“I quit the office job.”

Before Your Career Homecoming, I was floundering. I’d hit a wall at my administrative job and was scrambling to find a way out. I felt absolute despair at the thought of being stuck here, or, maybe worse, of finding another job exactly like this…and another after that.
Thanks to YCH, I know what business I’m going to start! I know that I’m going to start a business! Can you feel how huge that is for me?! At the start of this program, I had NO idea whatsoever that, months later, I’d find myself on a journey to become a solopreneur. It wasn’t even remotely on my radar. Once it emerged toward the end of the program, I flipped back through my YCH pages, all the way from the beginning, and reread all of my writing and musing about who I am and what’s important to me and what I want to be known for…and sure enough, it was there all along. What a gift!
Your Career Homecoming helped me find my way to a home that I always had within me. It’s not that I suddenly became something; it’s that I found something within myself that I’d overlooked before. I had no idea that I truly could get paid for being me.
UPDATE: I quit! I quit the office job and am working exclusively on building my new business over the next couple weeks. Next month my beau and I are embarking on The Adventure of a Lifetime — traveling by RV all over the U.S. until we find Home. It’s wild to me that you’ve only known me as this whirlwind woman because, I swear, I’m. not. usually. like. this. I don’t typically leap. Ever. But, in the past year, so many things have felt either so not right or so right, and it’s been wonderfully easy for me to tell the difference. Decisions I might’ve agonized over previously are now no-brainers. I attribute some of this to learning so dang much about myself through YCH.

- Helen McLaughlin


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