Case Studies Part 3

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I've never been happy as an admin assistant, so for a few years I'd been considering and looking for something to transition to. Nutrition coaching was a possibility, but that felt a bit off, so I closed the book on that one with no other options on the horizon. This made me feel hopeless, which is never a fun place to be. I wanted to see if nutrition coaching was really what I wanted, or if fear was holding me back. I also wondered if something totally different might feel meaningful.

Now I know what business I'm going to start, and I know that it will be part time at first. I know who is my ideal client. I feel more capable of managing my fears and insecurities. I'm also finding more peace in my current job because I know that the future holds an end.




I was unsure of what I wanted to do next in my career. My current government job no longer fit with the person I'm evolving into. I had some ideas of what I might like but I lacked confidence in the viability of my thoughts and I had a lot of mental roadblocks that were preventing me from digging deep and unearthing a good career fit.

Now I feel great. I know what type of career works for me. I have more confidence in communicating and pursuing the career that I want, and feel so energized to put my transition plan in place. 




I was in the midst of a career transition; I had done some training in life and equine-facilitated wellness coaching but was at a complete standstill on how to go forward. I lost faith in the choices I had made for transitioning and had lost confidence in my capacity to build a new career. I realized that I needed structured help to understand why I had ended up in this stagnation and what I could do to move from it.

When I decided to take the plunge into Your Career Homecoming, immediately I felt a huge sigh of relief from deep inside and knew that I had come "home" to the right place for me.

I can now recognize and face the fears and vulnerability that career change creates. I have a stronger vision for the future that feels truly aligned on who I am, my values, and how I wish to contribute. I feel supported by Laura and by the community of Homecomers and feel that I can call on them for ideas, feedback, and simple positive presence.

I know what I wish to do in my new career path, why I wish to do this career, and how I will do it. I am energized, more confident, able to face challenges with greater clarity and purpose. My career change is now a very exciting place to be in as opposed to being the daunting place it had been before.




I was feeling very stuck in my current career. I wasn't sure why I didn't enjoy it and I was lost when it came to thinking about what else I could do. I had already changed careers before and the idea of doing that again was so daunting I felt like I was suffocating. My life was slipping away and I was wasting my time doing work I didn't enjoy.

There are two reasons why I signed up for YCH: 1) Laura's message and ideas around finding meaningful work made me realize why I had been so unhappy in my career so far. It felt like I had found someone who finally got what it was I was looking for. 2) I knew I was going to need help and support in this process, as well as some kind of accountability check in. Otherwise I never would have gotten anywhere.

Now that I know what industries I want to be involved in and how I want to contribute, I find I am less stressed about finding the “perfect" job. I have the knowledge and the tools to get there now, and I am so much more confident in my interests, skills, and in what I can achieve.




I had just come off a couple very challenging years dealing with the death of my mom, an auto immune illness, two major moves, and the responsibility of my mom's estate. I had to put my own needs and career objectives aside during this time and I finally felt ready and able to start focusing on myself again. I needed some sort of structure and format to help me along, and the combination of holistic and practical principles plus community support meant that Your Career Homecoming was right for me. 

It turned out that I was on the right path but had lost confidence that I could get there with all the life distractions I had been facing over the past several years. 

I know what business I'm starting. I have a very clear focus of where I'm going and that gives me the most confidence that I will get there, even with distractions and bumps along the way. I'm proud of my values and what I stand for.




I'd spent two years feeling guilty for hating a "dream" job. I'd been researching a career jump, but felt like I would have to get a master's degree to even start on a path I craved..which felt impossible, so I kept looking and looking and feeling like I didn't have the tools to do anything else.

Life is different now because I can see the steps I need to take to get where I want without feeling pressure to get it all done today. I'm not stressed about it; I'm actually enjoying the process! I'm listening to that little voice within and bowing to her wisdom. I truly feel like I know what's best for me and I'm asking for what I want.

If you are looking for your Homecoming Career, you'll get it. 100%. For me, though, getting to know myself and gaining the confidence to use what I learned about myself to forge a new direction was the best part. I can use it in other areas of my life and the tools I learned to get there are always available to come back to.




I had always wanted to start my own business, but then I graduated college at the height of the recession and grabbed the first admin job I could get at a local university. Somehow, years later, I found myself still stuck in administration. I had done A TON of independent research on possible careers (I had notebooks upon notebooks filled with research), tried a couple of online programs to no avail, was drowning in indecisiveness, and feeling utterly stuck. I had followed Laura for awhile and always had the idea of trying Your Career Homecoming, but it wasn't until I hit "career rock-bottom" (i.e. feeling genuinely depressed most days and hating 5 out of 7 days in the week) that I finally decided to invest in myself and enroll in YCH.

I recognized how comprehensive and systematic the program truly was and how YCH is a true "fluff-free" zone. You won't hear, "Follow your passion, and the money will come" with Laura or her program, and I LOVED that. YCH allows each person to create a truly comprehensive, personalized filter, and this filter is rooted in real life, practical terms, which was a huge factor in my decision. Also, you are so not alone in YCH. Laura is a mentor, oracle of career wisdom and knowledge, and an incredible guide throughout each step of the process. I had done other online career programs on my own, and because of my past experiences, I recognized the serious value in having a guide to walk with you.

I no longer question my career path, and that is HUGE because I was the queen of career indecisiveness for years. And I did not land on this new path on a random whim; I have a massive binder of cold, hard, personalized evidence on why I chose this new career, and that's an incredible, beautiful thing. I'm also far more optimistic because I know that my current admin "day job" is not my "forever job" anymore. Also, as a remarkable residual benefit of YCH, I'm far more attuned to my daily resilience and self-care needs and practices.

Finally, after years of going back and forth, I know which type of business I'm going to start! I'm confident and excited for this new upcoming chapter. I landed on my most immediate goals over the next three months, which will serve to bridge the gap between where I am now to the type of business owner I desire to be.




I began Your Career Homecoming (#lifechanging) while almost simultaneously starting a 6-week freelance gig for which I was so excited. AND holy moly, also so lost and desperate. This gig was work I knew I loved, but work I never actually pursued because I didn’t see myself as qualified. Instead of settling into a new career path, I was reeling.

It's not that all my worries magically *poof!* disappeared, but they no longer keep me stuck in my tracks. Now I know everything's going to be ok. I have a better sense of control over my life and career. I’m owning my skills and am confident in my abilities. There's a deep sense of knowing what I value in myself and in work and the tools to pursue that magical intersection.

It’s not just that I feel better; I’m. Doing. The. Right. Work. Work that lights me up. Work that I’m *excited* I get to do. Work that serves me AND serves others without making a servant of any parties involved.

For me, it wasn’t just about finding the right thing; it was about me feeling at home in it. And truth be told, I think I'm home.




I had known I needed a career change for more than a year before I signed up for YCH. Entrepreneurship was not working for me, which was disconcerting because that was already my career Plan C!

I wanted a process and framework to figure out my next steps that dealt with the emotional and practical aspects of career change.

I know what my Homecoming Career is and I've started the steps to get me there. I accepted a new job before the program was over that has completely surprised me; I owe much of my ability to land that job to Your Career Homecoming. I absolutely love the new job and it will bridge the gap between where I am and where I want to be in five years. I feel confident, at ease, and resourceful.




I'd been floundering around for years being really unsatisfied with my career/work situations, but not having the clarity and confidence to move forward and make a change. I was drawn to the practical and actionable characteristics of Your Career Homecoming. After I talked with Laura, I really felt heard and supported - I knew she would provide the accountability and guidance I needed!

I had been contemplating entrepreneurship for a long time, but I never had any idea what I wanted to do. Now I can confidently say what business I’m going to start. 

I have a roadmap for my next steps, which is so huge considering I felt like I was aimlessly consuming information from a million sources and hoping that I'd have the light bulb moment that would lead me to THE ONE CAREER/BUSINESS! 

Most importantly, I know how I want my future to look and feel, and I can use this to guide my career baby steps.




Talk about night and day: I’m no longer super anxious about talking with my boss. We talked Friday and I found out I’m getting 4% raise! I’m also getting a 14% bonus!! I’m now also eligible for 15% bonus next year...And the best part of all of this was that he told me that he recognizes all of the things I do behind the scenes along with how much I care and that HE TRUSTS ME!!!

When I started Your Career Homecoming I was soooo desperate to get out of the corporate job I’d ended up in 10 years earlier. YCH helped me learn what my values are AND how to advocate for myself, uncomfortable conversations included. I never would have dreamed that the job I had could become a great fit for me. At first I felt awkward that I “didn’t move on” from this job or this company....but in truth I DID move on in mindset and approach and that has made all the difference. 

I am now intentionally choosing my path. Now I KNOW what is important to me and what drives me. No more “ending up” places. I get to choose my life’s work and legacy. 




I felt very stuck in my job. It wasn't bad enough for me to leave, but it wasn't fulfilling and I'd lost a lot of motivation. I was lost when I thought about which direction I wanted to go.

I'd seen some of Laura's work and felt that her approach matched my philosophy. I was walking to work when I found out Your Career Homecoming opened up, so I stepped to the side and filled out the application right there on my phone.

YCH helped by breaking down the big questions into smaller, less scary ones. Instead of churning over "What do you want to do for the rest of your life?," YCH gave me the framework and support to really examine what I can do, what I like to do, and what impact I want to make. I'm much more confident about my skills and strengths, and how useful I can be to others.

Instead of a vague idea of needing "a change,” I know what kind of change I want to make, and I've got the skills to help me get there.




I was headed in a career direction that felt like it was a mistake. So many of my jobs, even my self-employment, were choices made based on what other people needed or expected from me.

Through Your Career Homecoming, I discovered the all-important thread that weaves my eclectic body of work together and that's not only key to being able to move ahead with confidence, it's SUCH A RELIEF!! 

Now, I get to play and implement that in as many creative ways as I choose. I'm the architect of my career, and I'm grounded in my own agency.