“I see a more satisfying work-life as both possible and on the horizon.”

I felt stuck in an unsatisfying job and overwhelmed by the prospect of change. I had been following Laura's blog posts for a number of years, so I trusted her presence and enjoyed her perspective. I knew I was ready to put some time into figuring out a better way to make a living and I knew I needed help to figure it out.
The program has given me tools that I can organize my discovery process around--questions I keep returning to, ways to chunk things down. I feel less anxiety around a career change and I have a clear idea about what kind of work would be more satisfying to me. 
What has been most meaningful about this course is the change in my relationship with myself--I am far more forgiving, compassionate, and appreciative of who I am and what I bring to the world. I’m more aware of how I sabotage myself and feel that my self-esteem has improved.
I feel I'm on the right path and see a more satisfying work-life as both possible and on the horizon. 

- Carolyn B.


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