“I feel like what I want is materializing in front of my eyes. Not to be trite, but it feels a bit miraculous.”

I was bored with the business I’d started 5 years back. I didn’t want to do it anymore — but I didn’t know what might be next … or, rather, I had a few ideas, but didn’t have the courage to go for it.
I’ve gotten very clear about what I want and have organized my life around getting it. Being a journalist doesn’t feel like a pipe-dream anymore; it feels like it’s inevitable at this point. Almost like what I was always meant to do, I just didn’t quite know it before. I’m happy in a way I haven’t been for a long time. I feel like what I want is materializing in front of my eyes. Not to be trite, but it feels a bit miraculous.
UPDATE: Today I had the first of two interviews with an American Public Media show— and was thanking my lucky stars for the work we did together. Those "Tell me what you bring to the table" and "Why are you the best person for this position?" questions felt so simple. I hope the job is mine. I know I could rock it. Regardless, I feel great to have made it to the final 5 of 300+ applicants.
Anyways, I’m reaching out to say thank you, again. I don’t think I would’ve found my way here without your support. Sure, there’s plenty of hustle and tears and sleep deprivation ahead, but it feels good. I’m inhabiting a kind of confidence I’ve never experienced before. It feels right. And Your Career Homecoming helped me get here.
SECOND UPDATE: I’m so excited to announce that I am joining the brilliant team at North Country Public Radio in Canton, New York as a Digital Content Producer. These folks and this station are everything I’ve been hoping and searching for.

- Brit Hanson


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