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It’s Laura Simms, here, Founder of Your Career Homecoming. Today I shared with clients and subscribers that Your Career Homecoming has a new look. This transformation has been months in the making, and I’m excited to give you a behind-the-scenes peek at what has changed and why.

What’s Changed

The logo, fonts, color palette, illustrations, and most of the photographs are new. Much of the copy on the site was updated a couple months ago in anticipation of the brand refresh.

The journal entries from and were combined here, so you can do all your reading in one place. Over 40 not-so-relevant entries were deleted and the Categories were reorganized to ensure the quality of the content and make things easy to navigate.

We made a platform switch from Squarespace to Showit. As much as I love Squarespace and would still recommend it for new or evolving businesses, I was ready for some bells and whistles that Showit could provide.

The free training is now front-and-center on the site. Rather than offering a bunch of little freebies, I want people who are searching for their meaningful career to be able to dive right into this powerful training and change they way they think about their career, forever. Simple, intentional, action-oriented.

Truly behind-the-scenes for clients only, the membership site for Your Career Homecoming recently got a complete overhaul. The branding now coordinates with this site, but the content also got a serious upgrade with more support for Homecomers than ever before.

The final step? will be retired once some SEO magic has been worked, and everything I do will be housed here at One site, one brand, one way to work with me.

What Hasn’t Changed

The mission, message, heart and soul, and offerings at Your Career Homecoming haven’t changed. But things sure do look better around here…

Why Update the Look?

One year ago I had an inspired brainstorming session about where I wanted the business to go. The big lightbulb moment that resulted was that I wasn’t just here to run a program; I was here to run a company.

I am still laying the groundwork (my mindset, systems, bookkeeping support, etc) to grow into that vision, but this brand update is part of that.

I knew that I had to stop DIYing everything. I have a good eye for design, but I’m not a designer and time spent fiddling with my website is time taken away from working with clients. I’ve been designing my own sites for 8 years, and was really ready for someone with more expertise to take the reigns.

When I first spoke with my designer, I told her that three things needed to happen:

  • The new look had be a natural extension of what YCH already was. There was no need for a hard pivot in a totally new direction in terms of the feel and vibe.
  • I did want to elevate the look so that the branding better represented the quality of the experience and results that people get in the YCH program.
  • The branding needed more “courage.” The past branding was really good at conveying that “home” feeling, but it was too spa-like for what we’re doing here. Yes, I want clients to feel taken care of, but the reality is that career change is scary, and while I can help you I cannot do it for you. You have to be wiling to make changes in your life, and that requires courage. So I asked for something more dynamic that would speak to transformation.

I think she nailed it.

The Dream Team

As a recovering DIYer, I knew I’d need to work with people I trusted who were great at what they do. Introducing the amazing team of women who made this project happen:

Ann Parker, Designer at Anthem Creative
Once I had decided to move the site to Showit, I went in search of designers. It didn’t take me long to find Ann. With some designers, you really see their signature style in every design they do. Ann’s work doesn’t scream “Ann was here!” The style and needs of each brand is front and center. I knew I wanted to work with someone who could do more than make my site pretty, but also really understood brand strategy. She’s been a wonderful collaborator and as kept me from making some dumb decisions 🙂 She has taken my ideas and made them even better. Visit Anthem Creative

Ali Harper, Photographer
Ann and I agreed that new photographs were in order, and she recommended Ali. One look at her site and I had to wipe the drool off my keyboard. Her clients include Southern Living Magazine, Kinfolk, and Martha Stewart Magazine. We had a couple conversations before the shoot, Ann made us a shot list, and I choose my wardrobe. I didn’t have a care in the world on shoot day because I trusted her completely, and we had what has to be the world’s most laid back shoot day, complete with a hike to a waterfall, playing with her dog, and riding around in her golf cart. Visit Ali Harper Lifestyle Brand Photography

Ginny Branch, Prop Stylist
So Ali says, “I’d recommend using a prop stylist. I know someone.” And then we added Ginny, prop stylist galore, the only person I’ve ever met with a more robust nature collection than me. I knew we’d hit it off when she said, “Do you think I should get out the bones? Or is that too weird?” Reader, we got out the bones (see if you can find them on the site). Her clients include Anthropologie, Cooking Light, and Country Living. She and Ali are responsible for that beautiful image on the homepage and many more on the site. Visit Ginny Branch

Kate Hutcheson, Virtual Assistant at The Efficient Creative
What did I do before Kate? Literally every single thing, all by myself. Kate’s been working with me for a year now and has made so many aspects of getting this site together easier: taking other things off my plate, helping clean up the blog, creating graphics, and gently asking, “Isn’t there an easier way to do this?” when I try to overcomplicate things. Visit The Efficient Creative

Christina Simms, Best Sister Ever
She’s not on the payroll, but she did volunteer her apartment for a work retreat where I wrote the copy for the site and style edited my wardrobe choices for the photos. Tina, dinner’s on me next time.

A Homecoming

In many ways, this site feels like a homecoming. It’s the culmination of 8.5 years in business and a longer journey as someone who survived a career crisis and came out better for it on the other side.

If you know someone who’s struggling to determine what kind of work will be fulfilling for them, I hope you’ll share this site with them. Really, it’s meant to be a home for them.

Laura Simms is an expert in meaningful work who challenges conventional wisdom by asking people to ditch their passions and start with purpose.

If you have too many passions, zero passions, or can't seem to combine your passions, try her purpose-first approach to find a career you love.  


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