“I know what type of work makes me happy and is sustainable.”

I was bored out of my mind at work with a high stress level. I felt drain, burned out, lacking in creativity and options. I knew I could not keep doing what I was doing and so I stopped; I took a big break. While the big break has been awesome I wanted some ideas about what to do next.
I knew a traditional type of career counselor was not going to help me because they tend to do an outside in type of process – see what is in the world and how I could fit it, and what I wanted and needed was an inside out approach. I needed to understand more about me and see only then, what in the world might fit or what I could create from my strengths and joys. I am glad I did!
Now I feel like I have the knowledge and tools to set myself up well professionally and avoid burn out much more effectively. I know what type of work makes me happy and is sustainable versus just what I can do to make the most money. I feel like once I decide to return to the work force I can and will do it on my own terms.

- Annie Ahern


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