“I know what I wish to do, why I wish to do it, and how I will do it.”

I was in the midst of a career transition; I had done some training in life and equine-facilitated wellness coaching but was at a complete standstill on how to go forward. I lost faith in the choices I had made for transitioning and had lost confidence in my capacity to build a new career. I realized that I needed structured help to understand why I had ended up in this stagnation and what I could do to move from it.
When I decided to take the plunge into Your Career Homecoming, immediately I felt a huge sigh of relief from deep inside and knew that I had come "home" to the right place for me.
I can now recognize and face the fears and vulnerability that career change creates. I have a stronger vision for the future that feels truly aligned on who I am, my values, and how I wish to contribute. I feel supported by Laura and by the community of Homecomers and feel that I can call on them for ideas, feedback, and simple positive presence.
I know what I wish to do, why I wish to do it, and how I will do it. I am energized, more confident, able to face challenges with greater clarity and purpose. My career change is now a very exciting place to be in as opposed to being the daunting place it had been before.

- Anne Barry


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