“Work that makes me feel more creative and alive.”

As a nonprofit director with two business degrees, I will admit that I was a bit leery of taking a program that was taught by someone who comes from a different discipline. But I am SO glad that I did.
I finally have what it takes to say “yes” to a change and let go of the past. I am letting go of parental and societal expectations (the path I *should* be on as an MBA, etc). I am more aware of what it feels like to “come home” and Laura created the space for it to slowly sink in with me that it’s OK to want this feeling while I work. Did I have doubts? You betcha. But the YCH community was there to keep me going.
Update: Yesterday [6 weeks after YCH ended] I told my boss I was accepting another job (quitting). WOW, that was cathartic! Thanks to the support of YCH, I have been able to reconnect with work that makes me feel more creative and alive. I am now able to move away from my toxic boss and work environment, and work in a way that’s in alignment with my personal / family needs and Homecoming Career.



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