“Knowing that my calling can make a difference for people I admire is amazing.”

I was almost a year into my latest position in higher education development when I finally accepted the realization that while I was good at what I did, I wasn’t passionate about it. I was playing safe and needed a program that could help guide a change.
I knew it was going to be hard to balance YCH with a full-time job, raising 3 kids, being a supportive wife and completing my first full marathon, but the program was a no-brainer so I went for it.
Now I know what business I’m going to start, and I’m definitely more confident – and proud – because I am aware of what I really want and the type of legacy I want to leave. Even though I’m still employed in higher ed for now, YCH extended greater confidence in my job.
I’m taking bigger steps than I ever have before. I walking down the path that I’m creating as a result of the YCH work. There is no denying the path will require time and effort but I’m committed to following it. Knowing that my calling can make a difference for people I admire is amazing.

- Aimee Laliberte


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